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Prenuptial Agreements In Pennsylvania

When an engaged couple is about to begin on their journey into marriage, sometimes one of them will bring up the idea of a prenuptial agreement. This sometimes leads to hurt feelings and questioning. The idea of a marriage ending before it has even begun frightens some people. However, prenuptial agreements can often help couples discover unexpected issues and create for better communication.

The Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is created while a couple is planning to marry, but before the marriage takes place. It is best to start working on a prenuptial agreement at least a few months before the wedding to ensure that all issues are covered and that the decisions are not rushed.

The agreement itself holds up in court as a legally enforceable contract. In this contract, both parties have brought forth all of their assets and all of the ways they believe they may be able to contribute financially during their marriage. Children from previous relationships and possible inheritance may also come into the picture when creating a prenuptial agreement. No items should be hidden and all formalities should be observed in order for the document to hold up at the end of the process.

The Discussion

Bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement may generate some uncomfortable feelings, but more and more ordinary couples are discussing the prenuptial process. When a couple sits down and discusses their finances and the possibilities for the future, they are often able to clear the air on topics they may have never discussed before.

The process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement can help couples to really assess the situation fairly. Many unforeseen events can happen in the future, and when a couple has already discussed the possibility of such events occurring, they may cause less strain and conflict within the marriage. In some situation s, the discussion involved in a prenuptial agreement can actually save a marriage.

The Payoff

In addition to the payoff of open communication, a prenuptial agreement also saves both parties from a lot of argument and headache in the unfortunate event of a divorce. As long as the document holds up in court, both parties will already have their assets divided and will not have to argue about who gets what.

Because the potential rewards in this situation outweigh the risks of not having a prenuptial agreement, all couples should consider creating one. When drafting a prenuptial agreement each person in a couple should call upon the help and guidance of an experienced family law attorney. These attorneys are well versed in drafting contracts and are able to help individuals define what is most important to them. They will help ensure that each person is entitled to the assets they deserve, allowing the marriage to start off on the right foot. Calling upon the help of such an attorney in Pennsylvania is a good decision to make before walking down the aisle.