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When A Marriage Involves Domestic Violence Charges

Whether you need defense against a domestic violence charge, or you are seeking to obtain a protective order, domestic violence charges create a highly emotional situation that is extremely stressful for those involved. An experienced family law attorney can work to protect your rights while seeking the best outcome possible for your case.

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Get Knowledgeable Restraining Order Representation

Jeff is a Maryland lawyer who has handled domestic violence cases including family law matters involving complex divorces, child custody and separation agreements for more than 45 years. He has handled many high-profile, high-stakes cases, and he has the legal experience and sophisticated knowledge of the law to aggressively defend you. He assists residents of Montgomery County and surrounding counties.

If you fear that domestic violence may become an issue in your home, seeking advice about the possibility of securing protection through a protective order is one of the best cautionary measures you can take. Jeff Greenblatt can advise what steps to take to either protect yourself against the entry of such an order or those steps necessary to obtain one. He will represent you while seeking a final protective order or defend you if you have been wrongly charged with abuse. Jeff will work to ensure that all legal steps are taken in order to protect you and your family from future abuse or wrongful allegations. He has gained a reputation as an attorney who often represents the underdog, and he will remain steadfast as he works to protect you and your family.

Need Immediate Domestic Abuse Representation? Speak With A Domestic Violence Attorney.

If you need a legal defense to protect yourself from domestic violence, or if you need a defense against a false charge of domestic violence, Jeff Greenblatt will work tirelessly to maximize your chance of success. To discuss your legal matter, email Jeff at  Jeffrey N. Greenblatt of Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA  or call 240-406-7311.