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Unveiling the most common times of year for divorce in Maryland

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

Divorce is a significant life change that can occur anytime throughout the year. However, studies have shown that specific periods often see an increased number of divorce filings. Below, we discuss the most common times of year for divorce in Maryland and shed light on possible reasons behind these trends.

January: The “new year, new life” effect.

January is popular for divorce filings across various states, including Maryland. Many couples view the new year as an opportunity for a fresh beginning and a chance to make positive life changes.

Consequently, some people may decide to end their marriages once holiday obligations are fulfilled, and family gatherings have concluded. Furthermore, couples who experience tension during the holiday season may reach a breaking point in January when emotions are still high.

The post-holiday season (February to March) also sees a rise in divorce filings because some couples delay their decision to file for divorce until after the holiday season for the sake of family harmony.

September: The “back-to-school” effect.

The back-to-school period in September can also trigger divorces in Maryland and other states. This time marks a transition for families as children return to school routines and parents focus on new schedules and responsibilities.

For couples already experiencing marital issues, this transitional phase can amplify stress levels as they navigate co-parenting dynamics or confront underlying problems within their relationship.

While divorce can happen at any time throughout the year, specific periods tend to see more filings in Maryland. It is important to note that these trends are not definitive indicators of marital success or failure. Every relationship is unique, and various factors contribute to individual choices regarding separation or divorce.