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Be Careful How You Vvent During A Divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2014 | Divorce

People in Maryland may have seen a recent advice article about how social media and other online transactions and interactions can give rise to major problems if they fall into the wrong hands. Most people already know that the digital record they create every day can come back to them, but perhaps they don’t understand how exactly that can transpire. In the context of a divorce, every little detail gleaned from social media can potentially become part of a court record, which should be a powerful reminder that people should always think before they tweet.

Humans have a natural and innate desire to communicate about themselves and what they’re going through, both good and bad. Social media makes it easier for every single person to communicate with a much larger audience than it would be through face-to-face conversation, but this larger audience might not always be a good thing, and not everybody in that audience necessarily has a person’s best interests in mind.

People who grow frustrated and take to social media to attack an ex are also opening themselves up to liability, and showing the world, and the court, their own dirty laundry. The end of a marriage can be emotionally overwhelming, but allowing the world to see your own regrettable behavior can make things worse. If child custody is at issue, the court may not look kindly on the parent who publicly airs their dispute as a responsible and fit parent.

Even everyday sharing can divulge information that could be relevant to divorce legal issues. Every post, message and tweet has the potential to create an informal snapshot of a person’s whereabouts, and even their financial status. For example, a person who posts pics from their tropical vacation while claiming they can’t afford alimony might have some explaining to do.

An experienced divorce attorney can help divorcing people avoid these mistakes and others which could lead to unforeseen consequences. In short, people need to mind what, and with whom, they share personal details during a divorce.

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