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Getting What You Pay for Out of Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

As many people in Maryland well know, hiring a family law attorney is often the first step taken when a couple decides to end their marriage. However, when it comes to a complex divorce, people could lose what they rightfully deserve if they are unable to afford legal representation. While cost certainly isn’t the only factor to consider, people should never put themselves in a position where they have to sacrifice on their choice of divorce representation.

A recent news article discussed how certain money lenders are stepping in to help people afford a divorce attorney. Every person should have their choice of attorney, but unfortunately in a contentious divorce people simply may not have the income or finances to afford quality representation. When people separate they have a whole new set of expenses that were once shared, and dealing with these added costs in addition to the fact that certain credit cards and bank accounts might be frozen or inaccessible can make divorce a rough time financially.

In some divorces a bullying ex-spouse with more money than may try to litigate the other side until they are out of money and options in order to keep them from getting their fair share of the marital assets. In this case, people shouldn’t cave in to their ex, but should continue the divorce battle until they get what is rightfully theirs. While this may mean making some tough financial decisions, it may well be worth it in the long run.

In a high asset divorce, there are many important issues to consider, and people need an attorney with experience in real estate, business holdings and other forms of complex asset division. People should try to save enough money to afford legal representation on their own, but in a critical time of need, it’s certainly nice to know that people have other borrowing options.

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