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Domestic Violence Danger May Increase During A Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Divorce

People in Maryland know that divorce can be extremely stressful, and unfortunately many people are not well equipped to deal with the negative emotions and stress that often accompany a marital breakup. One tragic, but common side effect of a high-conflict divorce is domestic violence and if the problem is not met head-on with immediate legal action, the consequences can be devastating.

Domestic violence can happen in any household, and even people who seem the least likely to ever become physically or emotionally abusive may become aggressive or violent under the stressful circumstances presented by a divorce. This is never acceptable under any circumstances, and nobody should ever have to feel threatened or frightened by the actions of a domestic partner. Our firm understands what a difficult situation this can be for people.

Even before it ever becomes an actual issue, a person who fears the possibility of domestic abuse should speak with an experienced Maryland family law attorney. Depending on the situation, the victim may be entitled to obtain a protective order against a spouse, which could prohibit the spouse from contacting or coming within close physical proximity to the victim. The protective order could also protect other family members as warranted. We also know that domestic violence may also be considered the grounds for fault in the divorce, and if the abuse can be proven, the victimized spouse may gain some tactical advantages in the divorce proceedings.

A protective order is just the start, and people who fear physical or psychological abuse should also consider other measures to protect themselves from a domestic violence situation. With the proper precautionary measures in place, divorcing spouses may feel better equipped to focus on getting through the divorce and rebuilding their lives for themselves and their children. For more information about protecting yourself against domestic violence, please see our website.