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Jennifer Lopez Officially Divorced After 3 Years

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Child Custody

People in Maryland may have heard about superstar couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s recent divorce, which has certainly been a long time coming. The couple originally announced their plan to split up in the summer of 2011, but due to personal decisions and a subsequent delay in court, the divorce didn’t become official until last month. The couple has hardly been sitting still for the past three years, though, as both have moved on in their busy careers and also with other romantic partners.

The couple has seemed to work together rather amicably during this time, without any major public spats over the custody of their twin six-year-old children. Divorce during this time in a child’s life can be a disruptive event, but it doesn’t have to be — depending on how the parents are able to work together and communicate during this time. Lopez and Anthony have agreed on a child custody arrangement that gives Lopez primary physical custody over the children for most of the month, but Anthony will also have custody of the two kids for seven days each month.

Anthony may have caught a break when it comes to his finances, though, as his settlement with Lopez will not require him to pay any child support. Anthony also has two children from a previous marriage, for which he pays over $25,000 per month in child support to his ex-wife.

Spending time with a child is important for both parents after a divorce, so it’s important for people to work out a child custody arrangement that works for them. Many parents feel that spending time with children isn’t something they should have to negotiate, but the courts will presume joint custody unless there is a very good reason to deny one parents custody.

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