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Elin Nordegren Speaks Out About Life After Divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2014 | Child Custody

People in Maryland probably remember the high profile divorce of Tiger Woods and his wife, Swedish nanny extraordinaire Elin Nordegren. The two seemed to be living the ideal married life, with Tiger enjoying one of the most prolific winning streaks in golf history while she tended to the children, helped manage their personal lives and cheered him on from the stands.

But their storybook marriage came to a crashing halt when evidence of Tiger’s equally prolific infidelity streak became known to her, as well as most of the American public. After a scandalous incident involving a disoriented Tiger Woods driving an SUV with alleged golf club-related damage became the hottest tabloid fodder of the decade, it seemed like the two were destined for a divorce from which they might never recover.

In a rare public speaking appearance, Elin has proved that life does in fact go on and even exes who have gone through painful divorces can still be competent co-parents. Elin recently spoke to the media about her role as a mother and her child custody arrangement with Tiger. The two live relatively close by and share legal custody of the children, which makes it ideal for his visitation with the kids. She even spoke glowingly about Tiger as a great father to their children, with whom she is now able to get along with well enough. But these wounds may take time to heal, as was the case with Elin, who said she underwent years of therapy to get to a place where she could get along with her philandering ex.

Parents involved in a custody dispute need the counsel of an experienced family law attorney, but with the right legal help and the right outlook, these parents can get to a good place with their children, and possibly even their ex. Her story proves that parents who have the best interests of their children in mind may be able to overcome any obstacle, even a very public and very embarrassing divorce.

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