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Ex-NFL Wide Receiver Has Busy Week in Family Courts

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Divorce

People in Maryland may remember Terrell Owens, the talented but troubled NFL wide receiver who’s on and off-field antics made him one of the league’s most well-known players. His tumultuous football career came to an end several seasons ago, but his name is still in the papers, this time due to his equally tumultuous personal life. Last month he made headlines for playing the anti-cupid and filing for divorce on Valentine’s Day, after his three-day marriage fell apart. Though this was his first marriage, Owens is no stranger to family law courts, due largely to the four children he has from previous relationships.

Owens’ marriage lasted less than a week, and there are allegations abound that Owens only married his soon-to-be-ex-wife in order to get a loan on a $2 million house in an upscale California neighborhood. Apparently Owens is having some serious financial troubles, which is somewhat surprising seeing that he was making millions every season of his NFL career.

Owens may have caught a minor break in one his child support cases, though. His child custody arrangement with his daughter’s mom requires him to spend a certain amount of parenting time with her, but Owens has cited long-distance travel expenses as a hindrance to his ability to consistently visit. His daughter’s mom has agreed to allow Owens to subtract part of his travel expenses from his monthly child support amount every time he visits.

Maryland residents who are considering divorce — even after a short marriage — should make sure to understand their legal rights. Divorces can be emotional and those emotions can cloud people’s judgments. People need to make sure they put their emotions aside and make strong financial decisions and decisions in the best interests of their children.

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