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Divorce Stress Can Lead To Health Problems

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Divorce

Residents in Maryland may not be shocked to know that too much stress isn’t good for people’s well being. Two of the major causes of stress for married people in the U.S. are relationship problems and divorce.

Most might not realize how serious an impact divorce can have on a person’s health though, which is why a recent report could be a real eye-opener for a lot of men in Maryland. Divorced men have an elevated risk of many major health concerns, including heart attacks, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Much of these health risks are caused by stress, but can be mitigated effectively by men who can find ways to minimize divorce-related stress.

Men in a divorce need strong support and experienced professional on their side in order to deal with the stress and complications that the divorce process can bring. The fact is that divorce is a major psychological trauma for men as much as it is for women, and the health risks can be very real when men fail to acknowledge this.

Dealing with major life changes as well as dissolving a marriage can be too much stress for men who are already juggling the stresses of professional careers and family. Even long after the divorce is finalized, many men feel the unmistakable pains of bitterness each and every month when they look at the amount of their paycheck that goes towards their alimony or child support payment.

Divorcing men shouldn’t be expected to chin up and take divorce in stride without expressing sadness or grief. Furthermore, they should not be expected to succumb to their spouse’s every demand in a divorce settlement.

For many men, getting used to paying spousal support is an unavoidable price of ending a marriage, but men are entitled to a fair and equitable divorce settlement as much as women are, and shouldn’t be expected to sacrifice all of their financial and material assets when a marriage goes wrong.

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