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Divorce Can Be the Best Available Option

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2013 | Divorce

People in Maryland may have seen a recent editorial article discussing how divorce is not always a bad thing. While the common reaction to hearing that divorce rates have increased substantially over the last two decades was generally negative, there are certainly some instances where a divorce can be a blessing in disguise, or a way out of an abusive or loveless marriage.

The author of the story told of a grandmother who had suffered for many years as a near-indentured servant to her husband’s mother, and dutifully endured an abusive and painful marriage to a husband who did not show love or affection. Her explanation was that she did not know any differently, and, in her generation, women did not have the available resources to strike out on their own. “That’s just the way it was,” she says. “I didn’t know it could be any other way.”

One of the reasons divorce can be a positive thing is that it allows people in modern society an opportunity to escape horrific situations, like the one described in the article. Rather than suffering in silence, people now have the opportunity to start over again, and get the legal protection they need to claim their fair share of marital assets and, if necessary, keep a vengeful spouse from meddling in their lives.

While nobody who gets married wants that marriage to end in divorce, there are certainly times where this is the best available option. Divorce may be in turn glorified or vilified by the media, but, in most cases, the decision itself is a very personal and emotional one. People who are grappling with this decision should do what is best for them, which is why they should always understand and know their rights and legal options.

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