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A New Year Means New Divorces for Unhappy Couples

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2013 | Divorce

January is sometimes known as “divorce month” to people in the legal profession and people who have experienced it firsthand. People in the Maryland, the DC area have many different reasons in January for wanting to get a divorce. For some couples, latent issues which often come to a tipping point over the holidays. For other couples, waiting until January makes sense for tax reasons.

No matter the reason for wanting a divorce, there are certain things people considering a divorce should assess before moving forward. For families with children, a primary concern is often child custody issues. Child support, custody arrangements and the well-being of the child are all important factors divorcing parents must consider.

For some divorcing people, the potential for having to pay substantial spousal support is a factor. These people worry about paying or obtaining alimony. To improve their financial outlook, they should take steps to ensure they are well apprised of the family financial situation prior to signing the divorce papers.

In any divorce, perhaps the most important thing a person can do is plan a budget, set aside enough money for an experienced and reputable family law attorney and determine what they want to accomplish as part of their pending separation agreement. Divorces can run the gamut from amicable to nightmarishly contentious. Either way, knowing what to expect can help make the process easier.

It may not always be an easy thing to do, but being prepared mentally and financially can alleviate much of the burden.

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