Divorce May Threaten Retirement Plans

People in Maryland know that divorce can be an expensive proposition. In Maryland, it means that a divorcing spouse is entitled to an equitable share of all marital property, which is essentially all property obtained during the marriage. When most people think about property division, the first thoughts tend to gravitate towards tangible items, such as the marital home.

Look For Hidden Assets During Divorce

People in Maryland may have seen an interesting article about the new frontier of digital currency, and its potential to provide an anonymous haven to conceal financial assets. Spouses preparing for a divorce need to be aware of hidden assets in all forms, but the relatively new phenomenon of digital currencies such as Bitcoin may make it easier for a dishonest spouse to convert traceable assets into undocumented digital currency, which is why divorcing spouses and their legal counsel need to be ready to address this issue.

Reality Television Tackles Divorce And Property Division

People in Maryland may have heard about a new reality TV show coming to audiences this summer that deals with the not-so-pleasant business of property division between divorcing couples. The show, called “Untying the Knot,” will air on Bravo starting in June, and follows a divorce mediator through her trials and tribulations as she helps couples work to split up their marital property.