Property Split Requires Eye For Detail In Divorce

Couples in Maryland know that divorce means a major shakeup in a person’s life. For most people, splitting marital bonds means saying goodbye to the place they’ve called home, but some people might decide to stay put while their ex moves out. No matter what decision spouses make in regards to their marital home, there are a number of pitfalls that can mean major headaches and potential financial ruin for those who don’t pay close attention to the details in the divorce process.

Married Same-Sex Partners in Maryland Will Get New Tax Benefits

People in Maryland may have seen the topic of same-sex marriage in the news lately. Same-sex marriage has been one of the more prominent domestic issues in the United States, as states have either taken measures to accept it, or in some states, combat it. But overall, same-sex partners have largely come out ahead in 2013, as the Supreme Court has overturned much of the Defense of Marriage Act and paved the way for marriage equality on the federal level.

Bob Dylan Hair Part of Property Division in Rock Star Divorce

Married couples in Maryland understand there are several decisions that need to be made when they decide to call it quits. Dissolving a marriage could require the couple to itemize their property in order to determine proper distribution. This process could lead to disputes and lengthen the entire process, especially if the divorcing couple does not agree on certain distributions.