Are There Disadvantages To Getting A Court Order For Custody?

Parents in Maryland who are going through a divorce or have recently gone through a divorce know that discussions about the child with the other parent may be inevitable. These discussions can be uncomfortable at times, but parents who are going to be in a custody-sharing situation probably need to accept that opening lines of communication with their ex may be something they simply have to do for the good of their kids.

What Does Establishing Paternity Mean For Your Child?

There are many single parents in Maryland, and across the country, and that number is increasing in this generation more than any previous generation in recorded history. While many people choose to raise their children as single parents, h those who haven’t looked into the issue of establishing paternity may want to consider educating themselves on the subject, as they may be missing out on valuable benefits that could substantially improve their children’s lives.

Do Parents Have The Right To Child Custody After Divorce?

When parents in Maryland get divorced, one of the most important questions to them is whether they will be able to enjoy spending time with their children as much as they did during the marriage. While every divorce and child custody arrangement is different, many parents will be pleased to know that unless there is a very good reason for prohibiting time with their children, such as abuse or substance addiction, then parents are still entitled to reasonable parenting time and visitation with their children.

Moving With Children After A Divorce Can Be Complicated

People in Maryland may have seen a recent editorial about some of the issues that some parents may face if they want to relocate to another state or a great distance from their ex. Parents in Maryland who want to relocate should always consult with their family law attorney before proceeding to move away, as doing so without taking the proper legal steps could result in serious repercussions that could include criminal charges or otherwise negatively affect their child custody rights.