Rockville Attorney Helping Clients With Protective Orders

There is nothing more serious in family law then domestic abuse or domestic violence incidents. If you are in fear of domestic abuse or you have been falsely accused by your former spouse, it is very important that you do not wait to seek legal intervention. For those who are in fear of physical endangerment, especially if a child is involved, a protective order can be sought. Our compassionate and aggressive family law attorney Jeff Greenblatt can help you seek one through the court system.

Protection Order Matters in Maryland

On the other side of the issue, if you have been falsely accused or your ex-spouse is making false allegations to make you look bad in a custody battle, he can also provide serious defense representation. As a family law attorney for more than 40 years, Jeff Greenblatt has the experience and knowledge to fight false allegations. He also is a huge advocate for victims of domestic violence. As an attorney who has seen both sides of the issue, he has an in-depth insight to these very serious situations.

Call 240-406-7311 to schedule your appointment immediately. Do not wait especially if you believe you are in danger. A protection order is needed right now. You can also contact our protective order lawyer online.

What Happens if a Protection Order Is Sought

Once a petition is made (sometimes an emergency petition can be filed) to the courts, the order can go into effect immediately. Whether the allegation of abuse occurred or not is not determined at this time. The law provides immediate protection temporarily until the domestic violence issue is resolved. In Maryland, the order lasts for seven days. Once the seven days has passed, there is a hearing to determine whether the order needs to be permanent. The order can be extended up to a year.

Obtain Legal Counsel for Bethesda, Maryland, Family Abuse

Do not wait for protective order counsel. Take action now to obtain domestic violence representation from attorney Jeff Greenblatt. Call 240-406-7311 to schedule your appointment in Rockville, Maryland. Whether you need defense counsel against a protective order or you are in need to immediately obtaining one, he can help.